Evgeniya Kshukina, a fifth-year student of the Humanities Faculty at Minin University, shares with us her impressions about the learning process at the University of Vilnius.

Being an Erasmus-student, during the first two weeks she chose her individual curriculum considering her experience, knowledge, qualifications and also a possibility of taking a certain number of ECTS (credits) in different subjects. According to her major, her timetable consists of such subjects as Russian Poetry, Russian Society and Culture and Russian Folklore and Christian tradition and subjects which are sure to help her in the future: Lithuanian Language, Intercultural Communication and Rhetoric. Every training day is a great possibility to meet new methods of teaching as well as to study new material and to broaden knowledge received at Minin University. She mentions the perfection of her English language skills which have developed due to daily interaction with foreigners.

“The possibility of making up your own schedule also allows you to save some time for travelling”, says Evgeniya, “I have already visited Minsk, Warsaw, Krakow, Prague and there still is an enormous number of cities to see.”

Despite the fact that there are a few more months to study, even now Evgeniya can undoubtedly declare that participating in Erasmus+ has become a great part of her life which has enhanced her in the field of chosen profession.