David Evans, ELT books author and TED speaker, and Tim Pearse, an English language teacher, specialize in improving English language teaching worldwide. They came to Minin university to shere thier expertise with students and teachers of both Minin university and the region.

David Evans held a class on presentations skills. David stresses the fact that each teacher is an orator, thus his/her presentations skills should be highly developed. He also drew audience's attention to the significance of non-verbal communication, as according to some research up to 93% of information is conveyed not with the help of words. The resercher also presented some ideas of how Russian and English speaking patterns differ. David, evidently, also called for using TED-talks in the classroom as he is one their speakers.

Tim Pearse also gave some examples of employing TED-materials at lessons. Tim represents a seperate branch of National Geographic which specializes in ELT materials. As it turns out, most people do not even know about its existance. One of apparent advantages of National Geographic Learning teaching resources is that they can use any brillant materials National Geographic produce.

Such events are held within the program of Minin University's broadening international partnership.

Speakers' background information

David Evans

David Evans is a writer, broadcaster and presenter. He is the author of 19 English language teaching books and is a past winner of the Duke of Edinburgh's English Language Award. As a teacher, lecturer and teacher trainer, he has worked in more than 40 countries and has visited Russia many times over the past 25 years. He also spent ten years as a radio producer for the BBC World Service and he is currently writing and producing a long-running ELT soap opera for the British Council for broadcast on local radio stations around the world.

Tim Pearse

Tim graduated from university in 1997, did his TESOL in 1999 and has been working in ELT ever since in various capacities. In 2013 he started working for National Geographic Learning and is now the Business Development Executive for Russia and Central and Eastern Europe. He’s passionate about the methodology of how to motivate and inspire students; how to bring the classroom to life and how we can integrate a lot more than simply learning the language into English courses. He travels far and wide listening to and picking up ideas from teachers in different countries and cultures - sharing ideas and best practice on how to develop and support teachers and students with engaging resources. Tim is originally from the North of England, is married with two children, and enjoys sport, reading, music and trying to play chess.