The delegation of Anhui pedagogical university, China, arrived in Nizhny Novgorod on July, 17. The purpose of the visit was an in-service training course for teachers and summer cultural school for students. During the stay in Nizhny the guests visited the Kremlin, the cities of Semenov and Gorodets, a concert, an art museum, a school and pedagogical college, laboratories and scientific centers of Minin University etc. But, evidently, above all teachers had their classes on the modernization of higher pedagogical education and the Russian language.

At the closing ceremony for teachers on July, 21 the rector of Minin university Alexander Fedorov thanked the guests for their visit, stressed their diligence on the classes, and presented them with diplomas and special gifts among wich there were prominent Russian dicdictionaries for the Russian language department of Anhui Normal University.

In response the head of the Chinese delegation thanked Minin University for the high level of the conducted course, due to which they now understand the system of higher education in Russia. The trip also helped both professors and students to get to know Russian culture, traditions and customs and make new friends and contacts. Representatives of Minin university were invited to visit the Chinese university in autumn to continue the realization of mutual educational programs and strengthen cooperation between the two universities.

That was the 3d time Chinese colleagues took such an in-service training course and they are aiming at getting more.