September 13th - September 15th, 2017 - the VII All-Russian Forum of the Association of Foreign Students (AIS) of Russia was held in the city of Kursk on the basis of the Southwest State University (SWSU), whith Minin University taking part. The event was attended by foreign students from more than 45 cities of Russia. At the opening ceremony the Governor of Kursk Region, Alexander Mikhailov, made a welcoming speech, speaking warmly about the activities of the AIS in Russia. Guests of the Forum were representatives of diplomatic missions to Russia from Benin, Argentina, Peru, China, Senegal, Moldova, Afghanistan, Zambia, Angola and others. At the Forum a meeting of the Board of Trustees was held, where the President of the AIS of Russia, Adu Yao Nikase, made a report. Also, a round table was arranged with the representatives of the migration service, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Emergency situations of Russia taking part, at which a resolution was adopted to resolve the problems of foreign students.

Minin University was represented by: Gendjieva Janet, Kpata Evilafa Adel Olivia Romuald, Pemba Daniel and Ahmed Ehdaaallah Usama Khalifa Sayed. All of them sincerely believe that they were lucky to become participants of such a big event. The Forum had an indelible impression on them. Kursk seemed to the students of Minin University a very hospitable city. According to our participants, local citizens welcomed them warmly; curators and volunteers were very kind and resourceful to them. Throughout the time spent in Kursk, they supported all participants of the festival, answered all questions and became good friends.

Almost every participant in this forum was impressed by the international concert, which was prepared by students of the Southwest State University. Janet Gendjieva noted:

"As a participant, it was especially pleasant for me to listen to a national song about the Turkmen state flag performed by a Russian student of the USGU. This proves that Russia is maintaining friendly relations with other countries of the world. Respecting and honoring our culture, they acquainted us with their own culture, conveying the essence of Russian people through poetry, folk songs and dances. "