12th-13th of September, Guanchzhou (PRC) - Under the auspices of Russian-Chinese intergovernmental commission of humanitarian cooperation the Seminar called “A dialogue between China and Russia on educational strategies: the modernization of education in prospect of 2030” was held. This event became a starting point of realization of the cooperative research project of Chinese national Institute in the field of education and National Research University “Higher School of Economics” of Russia.

During the seminar several analytical reports about the situation in the educational field of two countries were presented, as well as some issues about modernization of education were discussed, such as successful practices, mechanisms of reforms, challenges and difficulties. The delegates visited the best of experimental schools of the city, had an opportunity to observe lessons of different subjects and ask questions to leading experts of China and Russia.

On the invitation of the head of Higher School of Economics and Chinese representatives the rector of Minin University, Alexander Fyodorov, performed as an expert during the plenary session on the topic of  Higher Teacher Education. The rector shared his experience of Minin University participation in national projects of reforming Higher Pedagogical Education in Russia, also he reported on cooperation of the university with Chinese Universities of provinces Anhui and Shindun.