Students of the Minin university have just come back from an unforgettable journey to China to Autumn school of language and culture. Students got lots of impressions and emotions. The delegation consisted of students from Humanities, Psychology, Social-technical, Physical education, Design and Biology departments accompanied by the professor of the Chinese language from the Department of foreign professional communication Tatiana Charchoglyan.

The trip had an aim for students to get acquainted with the Anhui Pedagogical University, its students and professors, and, of course, with the unique Chinese culture. The students were impressed by hospitality of the hosts, their friendliness and the helpfulness of Chinese students. During the School students of Minin University visited lots of museums, parks, cultural and historical sights of the city and the province. Every place left an unrepeatable impression on people’s minds. The most impressive one for our students was Chinese nature.

At university students attended classes and listened to the materials, prepared by students and teachers of Anhui university, very attentively. Also our students got to know national Chinese arts, such as martial art Wishu and gymnastics Tai Chi. Undoubtedly, our students tried to learn some of movements and receptions in order to feel and experience the genuine Chinese culture.

At the closing ceremony the students of Minin University performed a cheerful national dance, exchanged presents and contacts with the Chinese students, expressing hope to collaborate and converse in the future.