On December 26th, Minin University held a concert entitled “The Christmas Spirit.” Students from the Department of Humanities performed numbers in the five different languages taught in their department: Russian, English, French, German and Chinese. The concert was the first of its kind at the university.

The students sang songs, staged a festive fairy tale drama, and choreographed dance numbers. The concert was both fun and informative: each piece showcased the varying ways that people in different countries celebrate the winter holidays, particularly Christmas. The show provided a trip around the world. Minin University’s students were not the only ones who were able to enjoy the show. Grade school students from School Number 7 in Kstovo attended with their teacher I.V. Gradova. Some of Gradova’s students said that seeing the show piqued their interest in studying foreign languages. A couple of the concert highlights included a singing performance by the Department’s teachers and a flashmob in which students sang “Jingle Bells” in five languages.

The students of the Department of Humanities are confident that this concert will become a university tradition, one that will allow students to demonstrate their knowledge of foreign cultures and languages for years to come.