The forum took place on April 17-20 within the opening ceremony of hi-tech Russian-Chinese park "Silk Road" in Xian, PRC. In Russia the park is located in Moscow and is called "Greenwood". The feature of the park is the fact that it is built on two sites simultaneously and will function on the principle of "one park, two territories, both are territories are equally important. Members of the park include such Russian companies as 'Yandex', 'Lukoil', 'ABBY', 'Kaspersky' etc., and Chinese 'ZTE', 'China South', 'China Building Materials Certification' etc. The opening ceremony was attended by Oleg Smolin, the first chair deputy of Education comittee in State Duma, Alexander Nekrasov, a chair deputy of Energy comittee chair's in State Duma, Kan Szun, a deputy chair of Working comittee of developing new district Xixian, PRC. All speakers underlined the significance of the event that is initiated by governments of both countries in order to advance mutual partner relationships. Joint projects in education, science and technologies are expected to be launced and carried out in the park.

In order to establish deeper co-operation in the field of education and science a presentation of Russian universities was arranged. The main target audience of the presentation was Chinese universities whose main aim was a search for potential partners. There were 18 Russian universities from various fields exhibited with Minin University representing higher pedagogical education.

The representatives of Minin University held numerous meetings and managed to achieve several agreements:

  • co-operation with Shanxi State Pedagogical University. The president of Shanxi University You Xuqun and Vice-rector of Minin University Mikhail Solovyev have agreed upon the launch of joint educational program with students' exchange. The universities are interested in Russian and Chinese studies. At the first stage the universities will exchange 5 students. Later on the universities are ready to exchange 1-2 teachers of Russian and Chinese. Universities have also agreed to arrange joint conference and publish joint journals.
  • co-operation with Xian University of Translation. The representatives have also agreed upon joint educational program with students' exchange, and summer and winter culture schools.
  • meeting with representatives of the Commerce chamber of Shanxi province, who were especially interested in a teachers' in-service course that Minin University organizes annualy for Anhui pedagogical university, PCR.
  • meetings and negotiations with Xian University of Foreign Languages, Xian University of Architecture and Technology, Xian Vocational and Technical College.