The representatives of Chinese higher education institutions held a presentation in Minin University for the entrants and students interested in training at Chinese Universities, in obtaining scholarships and other programs. The meeting with Rector of Minin University Alexander Fedorov was organized as well.

The delegation comprised 18 representatives of 7 higher education institutions of the Anhui Province. Minin University has been cooperating with the higher education institution of the Anhui Province, Anhui Normal University (ANU), since 2014. At the meeting with delegation from China Rector of Minin University Alexander Fedorov spoke about the stages of this cooperation and the directions for development within the agreement between the universities. So, annually since 2015 summer and winter vacation schools of language and the culture of Russia and China have been organized for students of Minin University and Anhui Normal University. The program of "the double diploma" for the bachelor degree students is in great demand: 1–2-1 (one year the student studies in his country of residence, two years abroad, the last year in the country of residence). Upon graduation the students get state recognized diplomas of both higher education institutions.

Since 2015 thirteen students studying at the faculty of the Russian language at Anhui Normal University have taken part in this program. Minin University has sent 21 students to Anhui Normal University to have training in the program of "the double diploma".

Rector mentioned conducting regular advanced training courses for teachers of ANU and the program of long-term exchange of teachers of the Russian and Chinese languages as well. Mr. FAN Qiansheng, Rector of the Anhui Institute of Architecture and Industry, the leader of the delegation from China, noted that such successful cooperation can serve as an example for other higher education institutions. It should be noted that the delegation from ANU visited the Third public report of Minin University in 2017. This year the delegation of Minin University also participated in the international forum on pedagogics and tackled the problems of development of education in China which was to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Anhui Normal University foundation(ANU, China).

Within the framework of the visit the representatives of 7 higher educational institutions of China held the presentations of the universities for entrants and students of Minin University, dwelling upon the features of training and educational programs for foreign students.

Mr. FAN Qiansheng noted that the Province of Anhui is one of three scientific centers of China. 22 universities and 7 colleges are ready to welcome the foreign students. The year 2018 is finishing with the figure of more than 5000 foreign students obtaining education in the province, and the representatives of higher education institutions assume that their number will grow up to 8000.

Minin University is currently teaching Chinese to more than 200 students. Minin University has the best means to promote Chinese via schools. In Nizhny Novgorod there are already 5 schools where Chinese is taught.


The Province of Anhui is one of priority partners of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, the interaction is carried out within the Agreement on trade and economic, scientific and technical and humanitarian cooperation as of July 25, 2014.

ANU is not the only Chinese higher education institution which Minin University successfully cooperates with. Apart from this university 5 more higher education institutions are regarded as partner higher education institutions.