Associate professor of applied informatics and information technologies in education Nikolay Lapin, the representative of Minin University took part on the U. S. Congress leadership program “Open world” which took place from November 29th to December 8th.

Nikolay Lapin is going to share his experience giving a lecture on December 28 at 12:00, room 427 reporting on the result of his trip to the USA. The lecture is entitled:"The organization of educational space at schools in the USA"
The program was aimed at profound examination of the system approach in the field of the natural-science education realized in the school district of St. Vrain Valley Schools, the state of Colorado.
It should be noted that, within the framework of the visit, Nikolay Ivanovich got acquainted with all steps of school education, beginning with preschool education, the class which is located at elementary school and finishing with high school.

The programs of visiting schools in the district of St. Vrain Valley Schools, the state of Colorado as well as the entertaining activities were organized by Rotary club, the city of Longmont.