Wang Mushchying, Hao Jiachi and Fang Yan arrived in Nizhny Novgorod from China, from the partner University–Xian University of Translation. Wang Mushchying and Hao Jiachi study journalistic at University in China , and Fang Yan specializes in translation from English into Chinese.

The students from China told the students of the second course of specialty “Foreign language (English) and foreign language (Chinese)” at the lesson of the 28th of December about their native cities, tourist attractions, history and cuisine of China in Russian.
We interviewed the Chinese student and learned about their impression of Russia, studies in Minin University and their further plans
Tell us, please, about the purpose of arrival in Russia.
Hao Jiachi: I will note that there is no Russian at our university. We came to learn Russian, and culture, and life the abroad in general. We were trained at Minin University during one semester. Now we are getting ready to leave.
Wang Mushchying: My main goal is studying Russian. Minin University is the partner higher education institution of our university which offers such programs with full immersion in language and the culture of Russia. It became interesting to me to take part. In the course of training I learned a lot of things, learned to make sentences, to communicate in Russian. But our main objective is to get acquainted with the culture of the country. We did not place emphasis on the academic training, and got acquainted with the culture of the country more.
What are your first impressions about Nizhny Novgorod and Minin University?
Wang Mushchying: It was pleasantly surprised that Nizhny Novgorod is a very green city. There is beautiful nature here and there are a lot of trees. We liked Russian cuisine. Especially kvass! In China there is kvass, but it is not so tasty.
Fang Yan: There are a lot of stereotypes about Russia in China. It is different in reality. We came here at the beginning of September. At first we had some introductory lessons in Russian: we learnt how to introduce ourselves, to ask how things are going. Russian is a new language to us. In our dormitory there are students from different countries, each of the country having different religion. We learnt to be tolerant to other people, to respect culture of other countries.
Hao Jiachi: We visited the Kremlin, Chkalov Staircase, and stadium. We see that the city is very developed in respect of infrastructure, culture. We are touched by the fact that Russian people are always ready to help. We independently went to Kazan, though only Fang Yan speaks English.
What events of Minin University did you manage to take part in?
Wang Mushchying: Within the student's association "Ailaowai" we participated in events every week, shared the culture of our country.
Hao Jiachi: We participated in a concert of The Christmas Spirit, watched the ballet “the Nutcracker" together with students, visited Rukavishnikov' Estate.
Can you share your plans after coming back from Russia?
Fang Yan: I will surely tell the fellow students and friends about study at Minin University. I hope that other students will have an opportunity to arrive here as well.
Did you manage to make friends?
Fang Yan: Yes we did, we took part in some lessons in Minin University, speaking to the students of specialty “Foreign language (English) and foreign language (Chinese)”. It was an incredible experience.
What does Russian art attract you with? Why did you decide to study Russian?
Fang Yan: We had known a lot about art and culture of Russia before our visit, as it is well known all over the world. I am fond painting; I like Russian artists, such as Ilya Repin.
Wang Mushchying: We studied Russian literature a lot. I am familiar with M.Gorky,N.Ostrovsky,L.Tolstoy, A Chekhov. We are interested in Russian cinema. We know the films “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”, “Ice”.

In general the guys would like to continue studying of Russian, to work in the field of specialization and they want to return to Minin University for magistracy training. During New Year's holidays the students are going to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg.