Denis Koulikov, a third year student of of specialty “Foreign language (English) and foreign language (Chinese)” told us about his impressions’.

"Time flies fast. Our six months have passed so quickly as if it were a second. But even this short period was enough not only to upgrade our level of mastering Chinese but also to plunge into Chinese culture deeply. But first things first. During our first days in China we were mainly occupied with paperwork, acclimatization and studying of the surrounding area. Then the academic year began. In spite of the fact that training is conducted in Chinese, professional teachers build lessons so that they could reach the maximum level of understanding with pupils, despite of a language barrier. The lessons of Chinese were divided into several subjects: grammar, speaking and listening. Also in addition to compulsory courses we were offered to choose optional courses, such as traditional Chinese gymnastics Taijiquan, the art of a tea ceremony, Jianzhi (cutting from paper), and calligraphy. Classes in studying of the Chinese traditional culture were organized specially for Minin University students, where we got familiar with peculiarities of celebration of the main Chinese holidays, with Chinese cuisine, we "glanced behind the scenes" of the Beijing opera. And it is only a little bit of centuries-long culture of Celestial Empire. 

Apart from studies Shandong Polytechnic University organized excursions to traditional Chinese villages Iyuan and Zhoucun where we could try cooking the Chinese dishes and also to the capital of the Jinan Province where we participated in the international contest in orienteering.

Except outdoor events, we also participated in internal university events where we made a great number of the Chinese friends who we keep in touch with.

At the end of an educational semester we were expected to pass exams in all disciplines with which we coped rather successfully. Of course, we did not forget that we were still Minin University students ,therefore we studied our Russian educational program independently , impatiently waiting for coming back home to meet the family and friends and, of course, to return to renovated Minin University which we were grateful for the opportunity to be trained in China. Now, having had a rest after New Year's holidays, we will get down to tests and examinations with renewed energy and we are going to prepare for the following semester in China which is sure to be as intensive as the previous one.

Thanks a lot, Minin University!”