It is the second time that Zou Ning arrives at Minin University to teach our students Chinese. We interviewed Zou Ning and asked what she liked Minin University for and what her plans for the current academic year were.

Zou Ning, please tell us why you decided to come to Minin University? We know that you had the experience of giving lectures in our university during 2017-2018 academic years.

I have been working as a teacher of Russian in Jinan school of foreign languages in China for more than 20 years. It is my third visit to Nizhny Novgorod, the first visit was 8 years ago. I loved the city from the first sight! I had also worked in St. Petersburg as a teacher of Chinese (In at Confucius's Institute) before 2016, but it is this place that attracts me. In 2017-2018 academic years I conducted lessons for third- year students in Minin University: I taught Chinese, told about the history, culture, traditions and holidays in China. Jinan schools of foreign languages and Minin University have a long-term agreement on teachers’ exchange. The purpose of the program is to increase the students' interest in studying of Chinese, literature, culture and traditions of China.

Minin University is known for such a specialty when students learn both English, and Chinese. I know that the university accepts many foreign students. The teachers here are highly professional. I like to work here again. So, I arrived here again. Also Nizhny Novgorod and my hometown of Jinan are twin cities. Minin University is not the only place where I spoke about the culture of China. Within four years, since 2010, I have been conducting elective courses in the Gifted Children Lyceum and gymnasium No. 67. Nizhny Novgorod gymnasium No. 67 and school of foreign languages of Jinan are performing some common educational projects as well.

What impressions have you got about Russia and about Nizhny Novgorod in particular?

Actually many people are afraid of climate of Russia, but in reality it is very beautiful here! Russian winter is a snow fairy tale. Nizhny Novgorod is a beautiful city which is not less attractive than other large cities. It is picturesque, especially I like the merge of two rivers and the mother Volga River is nice.

What do the culture of Russia and the Russian language attract you with? Why have you chosen Russia for teaching Chinese?

My father studied the Russian culture and Russian at school and the university. Then it was included into the compulsory program. I have been interested in the Russian culture since childhood. I graduated from the Shandong Normal University in the specialty of "Russian and Russian Literature”. I know and I love the Russian writers: A.S. Pushkin, M. Gorky, A. Chekhov, L.N. Tolstoy.

What program of training are you going to implement this year?

I am planning not only to train children Chinese, but also to tell about development of China, culture, national economy. Students will learn about modern life of China. Naturally, we will place emphasis on the literature of China. Now we speak Chinese much, we write long compositions.

What impressions of the students have you got?

The students are very diligent. They have a high level of Chinese: they speak perfectly, have good pronunciation, almost without an accent. The students already know about the culture of the country much, some of them study a lot of things independently. It is important that all teachers of Minin University are excellent teachers of Chinese. It is very pleasant for me to work here.

What events of Minin University are you planning to participate in? What projects have you already taken part in?

I like all the events of the student's association "Ailaowai". In September, 2018, at a festival of student's associations, I held a master class in Chinese, cutting from paper, told the students about Chinese cuisine, traditional costumes, and active lifestyle of the modern Chinese.

What advice can you give to the students who study Chinese?

It is necessary to listen and repeat more, of course, to communicate, train in writing of hieroglyphs more, to watch movies in Chinese and to listen to songs.