For citizens of the following countries, issuing student invitation and student visa is not required: Azerbaijan, Israel, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

  1. In order to obtain a student visa foreign entrants require to address diplomatic representatives or a consular office of the Russian Federation while holding an original invitation to the RF, registered by Federal Migration Service on behalf of Minin University.
  2. A student entrance visa is valid for three months’ period and has to be extended for another year in the RF. Attention: Extending a visa requires the document to be valid for at least 30 more days from the date of applying for extension. Failing to adhere to this condition may result in deportation and denial of entrance to the RF for 5 years’ period.
  3. To obtain an invitation to the RF foreign citizens require to present the following papers to Minin University Foreign Affairs Office: copies of passport pages, that contain information on the first name, last name, date of birth, passport expiration date. In addition to the aforementioned, entrants are to provide data on their place of birth, their current residence, and the city, in which they are granted a visa by the local consular office.
  4. Upon arrival to the Russian Federation foreign entrants have to get registered at Minin University Foreign Students’ Affairs Division within three days’ time. Registration requires a national passport, migration card and visa upon which the student is given an arrival note.
  5. In case a student leaves the RF for holidays or leaves Nizhny Novgorod for more than 7 days, they would require to notify Minin University Foreign Students’ Affairs Division in 3 days’ time and get a new migration registration.
  6. It is also necessary for students to obtain a policy of obligatory medical insurance for the time of their studies. The policy costs 4000 RUR (ca. 110 USD) per year and may be purchased at Minin University Foreign Students’ Affairs Division.