This year students of the faculty have taken part in the program carried out within a partnership agreement with touristic agency "Antares" in co-operation with international company Kilit Global Tez Tour. Olga Korchagina, Anastasiya Mashina, Mariya Savrasova, Anastasiya Terehina, and Marina Tsapurina were chosen as participants. Since April to October our students got to know the hosting country, local people, gained new knowledge, experience, and impressions. Evidently, apart from obtaining knowlede they managed to practise it and turn it into skills. Eventually each student got a certificate.

Anastasiya Mashina remembers her internship:

"It has been an unforgettable and, for sure, the most enjoyable summer in my life! I already miss all those I met there. And all this fantastic rythm! How can one not miss that? Even such daily routine as flight delays, numerous tourist's questions, minor problems - they all arouse warm feelings. And my free time... It's something I can't express in words. Lying on the beach enjoying sounds of the sea and warmth of the Sun, walking around ancient cities and laughing... Every single day I spent in Turkey has some history behind it for me. And this history will always remain with me. Thank you, Minin University and Kilit Global  Tez Tour for the invaluable experience!"